In an earlier post we defined the differences between copywriting, copy-editing and proofreading. Now, what does that mean for you?

When you want to get a message across, someone somewhere needs to define that message.  In a small business, that will often be the person that knows the most about the subject, the person that has the passion and wants to share it, ultimately in order to sell more products or services.  Let’s be honest, anyone can create content, you just need to start writing.

But consider the following sentences;

Cutz hair salon in Townville offers cutting, styling and colouring.
Cutz is a vibrant hair salon in Townville.  Our innovative team of talented stylists are skilled in creating the latest looks.
Cutz is an established hair salon in Townville.  Our experienced team of professional stylists offer a select range of luxury services.

All three of them are factually correct, but they present a very different image, and will attract a different clientele.  A good copywriter will work closely with you to understand your business, learn about your customers, and really hear your voice.  This is part of your brand identity, it’s what sets you apart from the competition, it’s your promise to the customer and it should be consistent through all your communications.  Are you the funky, modern hipster, or the classic, quality traditionalist?  Are you cheap and cheerful, or high-end luxury?

Putting that into words may be something that you’re very comfortable with, it may be something that you have strong ideas about, and it can (and should) be a very personal thing for small businesses.  But many people struggle to convey a compelling message, particularly if they themselves are the subject. (Written your own biog page recently? Did you enjoy it? No, me neither.  Humility tends to get in our way.)

Even if you are feeling confident, do you have the time?  Would your effort be better spent on your core capabilities, creating and developing that killer product or service?  That’s another reason you may want to think about a copywriting service.

ok to write garbage if you can edit quote alison read

Let’s assume you have a piece of content that you’re happy with, wherever that came from. Good stuff! Now what? Send it off to the printers? Push it online? No!  Not yet.  Now it needs editing. Does it flow well?  Is your customer going to understand it?  Do the links work?  Are the facts correct? Is it consistent with your brand, and with other recent communications?  Are the images appropriate? This is editorial intelligence.  Do not underestimate the value this step can add to your copy, this this is where it becomes professional, credible.  This part ensures your message rings out loud and clear.

So the content’s been written, edited, it’s all correct, looks good to you, now can you get it live? If I’ve edited it, I’ll have proofed it too, in which case you’re golden.  But if you’ve got here on your own, then anyone who’s ever written an extended piece of prose will know how easy it is to become word blind, and the more you know it, the less you see.

Your nearly their tho! 🙂

(I hope you noticed that, because that was painful for me!)

This is the point that someone terribly pedantic about grammar, apostrophes, consistent styles and other such dull stuff, steps in and goes through it with a fine toothed comb, and that final polish is what will raise your game and set you apart.  Someone like me!

If this sounds like something you could benefit from, contact me.

Why use a writer or editor?