How to run a Facebook competition

If you want to increase your followers on Facebook, you might decide to run a Facebook competition.  But, did you know most Facebook ‘Like and Share’ campaigns are actually illegal under UK law and/or contravene Facebook’s t&c’s? If you upset Facebook, you risk a removal of the competition, possibly even a temporary closure of your Read More

Small business and the Facebook News Feed changes – ten tips to stay on top

Facebook made a significant announcement last week, about which posts people get to see in their news feeds. More friends and family, less business and bluster. In a statement on the platform, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he was ‘changing the goal…to helping you have more meaningful social interactions.’  This means ‘you can expect to see more Read More

What do the changes to data protection laws mean for small business marketing?

Last night I attended a most interesting talk, hosted by the Lossiemouth Business Association, about the change to the data protection laws, the GDPR, that comes into force next May, and specifically what that means for small business marketing. If you’re a small business owner, read on…. (This blog post is my report of the presentation Read More

No joke – why fake news is great for business (but only once a year)

The article from the BBC news website said that children under 13 were to be banned from accessing the internet.  New government legislation would come into force at noon preventing children from accessing all online content on any device.  Credible academic sources were quoted describing the impact of internet addiction on developing minds; from sleep deprivation to poor Read More

The Digital Journey

If you’re serious about growing your business, you need to reach out to your ideal clients, and the best way of doing that is through digital marketing. Whether you’re just starting out selling products from your kitchen table, or you’re a multi-national corporation shooting promotional videos in exotic locations, we are all effectively at different Read More

Digital content – what is it and what does it mean for your business?

Alison Read Digital Content?  So, exactly what is digital content? At its most basic form, it’s simply information that exists in a digital format. For example, when you browse a news website rather than read a newspaper you’re accessing digital content.  When you send an email rather than writing a letter you’re doing so digitally. Traditionally, Read More