Do you use voice activated devices? We have Alexa in the kitchen and I’ve become quite fond of her. She plays the radio, she nags the kids (yes really, ‘nagmykids’, it’s an Alexa skill, look it up!) and she sometimes offers random thoughts without being asked.

If I say ‘Alexa, order me some print cartridges’ then the very next day my usual HP301 twin pack will land on the mat! ‘Mazing!

The price of a simple life?

I was listening to a podcast recently that talked about the growing importance of voice-activated devices and how they simplify our lives by restricting the number of choices we’re presented with.

Think about what that means for your business, though. How do you get to be that taxi company, pizza delivery or dentist that the robot chooses to present to the questioner?

You pay, that’s how. Google is not going to give them the top-rated organic result, however great your reviews, not if someone has paid for an ad. That top spot is going to become seriously expensive real estate!

How can you compete?

Best advice, assuming you’ve not got the budget to go up against Domino’s pizza? Add value. Work on your community with engaging social media, offer quality products, give great customer service.

Get a cohesive digital marketing strategy, which will include ads, so your customers remain aware of you, such that your business is their default choice, overriding whatever Alexa chooses for you.

Instead of saying ‘pizza’, you want them to say ‘my usual pizza from Mr Local Italian’.

Perhaps we’re not at that point just yet, but don’t stick your head in the sand, this is all good business marketing advice. Don’t believe me? Ask Google! 😉

If this makes sense, but you’re not sure how you can make the most of your marketing, then take a look at my MOT service.

‘Hey Google, what should I do about Alexa?’
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