My Story

I am discovering more and more how much I love hearing people’s stories. Everyone has a story, everyone. Everyone has struggled, loved, succeeded, failed, dreamed, connected. Teasing these stories out of people, and retelling them through words and imagery, in a way that captures not just the facts, but the essence of that individual or business is what fuels my fire.

In today’s economy, a small business needs to set itself apart from the competition. Customers want to be convinced that you’re authentic, professional and trustworthy. They want to get to know you, they want to relate to you, to belong to your tribe and share your values. Whether that’s because you provide great value, or because you’re local, because you want to change the world, or just love a great cup of coffee. If you can share your story, rather than simply flog your products, then you’ll tap into the soul of your ideal customer, and intrigue them to find out more.

That’s why I love meeting every new client. Small business owners are, by their very nature, inspirational individuals. They start their business because they want to do something they love, or something that they’re good at, that will, on some level, make people’s lives better or easier.

And I guess that’s my story too. I’ve been taking photos for the last twelve years or so. I’m a mechanical engineer by trade, a software support engineer by background, and the techie geek in me loves the composition, the light levels, and the post-processing. Over the years, it’s slowly unleashed this whole creative side I never knew I had, which has led on to graphic design and desktop publishing, albeit on a simple but effective level.

All this time I’ve been writing too. I’ve created web content for new businesses, newsletters and sales letters for established businesses. I’ve helped charities attract donors and promote their events. For the last fourteen years I’ve kept blogs of my travels, my wedding, my family, but being a fairly private person I shy away from the share-it-all smugfest that the internet demands of us, a challenge I’m going to have face for my own business social media (although I have no problem helping you with yours)! I naturally express myself better in writing, I always have, and I’m one of those people that can’t just slide over a typo or a misplaced apostrophe without a desperate yearning to correct it.

My business is about helping people present themselves professionally, yet authentically. The culmination of all these skills brings me here in front of you, offering to help you tell your story with words and images in a way that will compel your customers to find out more.

So that’s about me. I could give you my CV, tell you the different countries I’ve worked in around the world, how many people I’ve had working for me, what job titles I’ve held, what budgets I’ve overseen, but like I say, it’s the story that you really want.