Jo Roberts, nutritionist with Nitru=iVacity, image by Alison read photography

The story behind the shot – there’s actually two stories here.

The first belongs to Jo Roberts, dietitian and registered nutritionist whose website went live last week. Jo’s approach to wellbeing is very much about sensible eating and wholesome food, and she wanted to reflect that in her headshot images for her website. We shot in her kitchen at home, with artfully arranged fruit and veg supporting her story about healthy eating, and convenient green wall reflecting her brand.

The second story is yours. How are you presenting yourself on your website, on your social media? What do you want people to see when they see your image? A professional, someone friendly and approachable, with their brand colours prominent (that’s what I went for). Or are you stuck with a selfie or a holiday snap, or worse – nothing?

If so, you’re not doing yourself justice.

I can help. Contact me on 07792 751582 to find out how easy it is to get a headshot that shines.


Step away from the selfie
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