Durness beach photo by alison read breathe

The story behind the shot – this is Durness, the most north-westerly town on the mainland. The little town sprawls along a clifftop, overlooking white sand beaches punctuated with dramatic black stacks. I walked alone to the boardwalk viewpoint at sunset, the sea below gently lapping, temporarily tamed in the light breeze.

The soft golden light of the evening sun stroked the grassy banks of the cliff, the only sounds were the peep-peep of oystercatchers overhead… and the incessant prattling of a woman at the viewpoint who was having a very loud, hands-free facetime conversation into her phone ignoring both the wonders of a summer sunset and her yappy dog leaping around her knees! Aarghh!

My something good that day was this image – and the pleasure in removing her and the dog from the shot with a little bit of Photoshopping magic!

durness point beach with woman and dog


There is always something good in every day
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