Be like the lily and open yourself to the opportunities that arise. A literal one this week, but I like it.

The story behind the shot

The landscape of the west coast of Scotland is very different to that of the east coast. White sand beaches, rocky coves of heavy black granite and the beautiful wildflower gardens of the machair.

The area around Assynt seems to possess a microclimate of its own, with lush green valleys tightly packed with dwarf birch, hazel and rowan trees.

Hidden in these tiny, steep-sided valleys are numerous ‘lochans’ (small lochs), water black with peat, many of which, we were surprised to find, are filled with waterlilies. Over the course of an hour’s picnic lunch, we watched the creamy white flowers slowly open and close repeatedly, responding to the light as the clouds passed across the sun.

Summer is short-lived in the Highlands, so these hardy plants can only thrive by taking every opportunity that presents itself.  A lesson to us all, I think.

Open yourself to the opportunities that arise
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