There’s so much I can teach you about digital marketing! What do you want to know?

What is Digital Marketing and what can it do for my business?

Are you thinking it’s about time to up your marketing game, but you’re not entirely sure how? Perhaps you know what you want, but you need an ally to persuade your management team to release the budget? Or do you work with an external agency but they speak in riddles, you need some insider knowledge to help you get your point across?

I have worked with companies and individuals in each of these situations, I am fluent in both technical jargon and plain English. In an informal two hour session* I’ll show you how all the different bits of digital marketing fit together, from SEO to social media, ads to analytics. You’ll understand why those annoying ads seem to follow you all over the internet and realise that getting your nephew to run an Instagram page for you is not the answer. At the end of the session, you’ll have the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about the next steps for your business.

*Allow two hours for the standard presentation and discussion, but it’s flexible. Give me your brief and your budget and I will adapt it to suit.

Content Planning Workshop


Really well ran, you kept a lively group under control! I liked how you kept things moving forward, and with purpose.
Great session, I really enjoyed it and will be able to take away some of the things we covered for my own business.
Thanks for the session tonight, I thought it was really useful and provided a great deal of food for thought.
It was great, much better than other social media workshops I have attended, keep up the fab work! – Survey responses from Moray Business Women Committee


Everyone wants to know about Facebook, and rightly so! It’s the number one social media platform for practically every demographic. Even people who say they’re not on Facebook probably live with someone who is. Like it or not, Facebook knows more about you than your partner does and Facebook ads are the cheapest, most effective form of advertising available today. If you wanted to target 50-year-old women in Lossiemouth who like crochet and dogs (there are only two, I’ve tried it) you could do that and put an ad in front of them.

These are all two-hour sessions. They can be taken as a one-off as and when you’re ready, but they build on each other to form a complete course.

I can deliver these as a group workshop or as bespoke training for individuals or organisations.

Facebook 1 – Get started

Dip your toes in. Don’t be scared, I’m right here alongside you, there’s nothing to worry about. If you want, I’ll set your page up for you, get all that sorted, and then you just need to concentrate on your content and get going!

Thank you, Alison. I cannot say enough about how inspirational you are to work with. Not only are you teaching me the nuts and bolts of technology, but you have also taken away my considerable fear. So thank you for building my confidence and showing me the positive sides of social media and social marketing. I am finally getting it. – Belia Biesheuvel, Findhorn Pottery

Facebook 2 – Intermediate

If you’re OK with using Facebook, let’s tune up your page, check how you’re getting on and share some top tips for extending your organic reach.

Facebook 3 – Paid Ads

So you’ve got your Facebook page optimised, you’re posting regularly and you’re ready to think about paid ads? Paying to play can help you fast track your sales and reach new audiences.

Alison Read Digital Content provides clear and concise training that ensures Facebook campaigns return the maximum on your investment. Alison’s training has been first class, and a MUST for anyone serious about using Facebook as a marketing tool. – Stuart Mason, ActionCOACH & Moray Business Store

Create simple graphics for social media

Also known as Canva training. Have a read of my blog post on Canva first. Honestly, it’s such a great tool, so easy to use, you’ll love it, but if you want to accelerate that learning and be super confident in your creations, then let’s get together and I’ll teach you all my best tricks!

Love Canva, has to be one of the best things you’ve shown me!! – Claire Anderson, Sea Glass and Stone

Take better photos for social media

What’s the best camera for social media images? The one you always have on you when you need it! Learn how to make the most of your camera phone. It’s simple to take professional looking images once you understand a few basics of photography, figure out the techy bits of your phone and play with some simple editing apps. Voilá! Beautiful images! You did that!

(And what you learn in this training you’ll be able to apply every time you pick up your phone to take pics of your kids, dogs, scenery, etc!)

We spent an enjoyable and useful morning with Alison. As Florists we wanted to get some top tips to improve our photography. Alison was very helpful and gave us some practical advice, she also tailored our session, really thinking through what we needed, thanks Alison! – Bev Alexander, Wild Blossom Floristry