Why you should write newsletters, and why your subscribers will love them.

I have had two clients recently who’ve physically recoiled when I’ve mentioned the ‘n’ word.  Yes, that one – newsletters. Why?  What’s not to love about giving a company your email address and then getting daily missives with the latest ‘Unmissable Offer!’ ‘20% Off – One Day Only!’ ‘Buy Now!’ etc, etc. We’ve all done it, Read More


When to save money on your business photography

Images sell. Presenting a cohesive set of images, consistent with your brand, will give your marketing a really professional polish. But when you’re just starting out, money can be tight. Not all photographers will choose to tell you this, but there are simple ways to keep the costs down, and keep control of your budget.  Read More


Panning – How to freeze a moving object to depict speed

I was talking to a potential client recently about panning. Panning is a creative technique used to freeze action and blur the surroundings. It’s used to portray speed, where you have a moving object, such as a car, or racehorse.  It’s a common technique used in sports and automotive photography. Since I often have small Read More

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Learning about Facebook Notes

(This article was originally created as a Facebook Note on my Facebook page – Alison Read Digital Content) After yesterday’s blogtastic adventures, I was talking to someone this morning about linking your blogs into Facebook; whether to reproduce the full article in your status post, or link to the blog on your website. In researching Read More